How’s Your Hedge Trimmer?

I had some time last weekend that was totally unaccounted for.
Nowhere to go.
No place to be.
Nothing to do.

I can’t remember the last time that I had NOTHING to do for an entire afternoon. So, of course I over-reacted. I started looking around the house for chores to be done or projects to finish. I sanded a couple of doors that had started squeaking. I ran some maintenance tools on my computer. I did some cleaning out of the garage and that is when I saw it.

Sitting in the corner waiting for me, was my hedge trimmer. I remembered that the last few times that I used the hedge trimmer, it stalled easily unless I was maxing out the throttle. It didn’t trim very well, and I thought it just wouldn’t last very much longer. Each time, I thought to myself, “I really need to clean the gunk off of these blades”. At idle, the blades no longer oscillated easily.
I remembered when I first bought the hedge trimmer, how as soon as I started it, the blades would easily swivel or simply float back and forth. No friction, no stress and I didn’t need to flood the engine with gas just to get the blades to move back and forth. At idle, they just ‘floated’. The trimmer just worked the way it was supposed to. I didn’t have to change anything, or ‘know how to use’ the trimmer. I would just start it up, and use it. It cut what I wanted it to, when I wanted.
I spent about 20 minutes cleaning each tooth on the blades with a ‘grease cutting’ cleaner. Wiped it all down, and re-greased each tooth with a light oil. I then ran the hedge trimmer to work the oil into the blades, wiped off the excess and then re-oiled it again. I did this until the trimmer ran for a minute or so to work in the new oil.
You know what happened? I bet you do. The hedge trimmer worked like a charm. Those blades floated back and forth like the day I bought it. It was beautiful to see. So beautiful, that I suddenly felt the need to use the trimmer at some bushes around our house even though they didn’t even need to be trimmed. I thought, ‘this trimmer is like brand new, I should use it!’.
That’s when it struck me.

We are all hedge trimmers. When our bodies are fluid and functioning like they are supposed to, we have a free and easy feeling. We look for ways to use our body. We can work easily, play easily and socialize easily. But when our body is NOT functioning properly, when our body is all gummed up, we have a hard time working and playing as we really want.

This is how Chiropractic helps you. If your spine is all gummed up and doesn’t function properly, doesn’t move the way it should, your nervous system doesn’t allow your body and mind to function properly. Then, you become the sticky, dirty, barely functioning hedge trimmer that no one wants to use.

When you get adjusted, your body moves more freely allowing your nervous system to flow up and down your spinal column as it should. That way, your whole body gets all of the proper messages to and from your brain as it should. Your body and mind can then function as it should and you can be the best (hedge trimmer) you can be.

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