Dr. Byron Fernholz

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Dr. Byron Fernholz
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Dr. Byron Fernholz’s path to chiropractic began after a weightlifting injury.  It was advised that he should have surgery to fuse his spine.  He knew there had to be another way to heal and that surgery was not the best option.  He received chiropractic treatment and began feeling better right away.  After a few months he was back to weight training again.  That ignited his passion to help others with chiropractic care just as it has helped him.

Dr. Byron graduated from West Chester University with a B.A. in exercise science and from Life University in Marietta, GA with his Doctorate in Chiropractic.  He applies his knowledge and expertise to examine, treat, and create an individualized program for those lucky enough to see him.

Dr. Byron is a Chester County native and moved back to enjoy being close to family and friends.  When not in the office. He can usually be found in a park playing fetch with his dog, Loki.